CODE: 3001 B

The INJECT ACRYL B system is a non-toxic aqueous solution of multifunctional methacrylates.


The compound gels in a few seconds to a few minutes when an activator or initiator is added just before use.

The final product is a soft, elastic and tacky crosslinked gel.

In wet or dry conditions, the volume of the gel increases or
decreases in a reversible manner assuring perfect waterproofing.


The INJECT ACRYL B system is used for sealing and consolidation works in presence of
The substance is injected through packers or injection hoses. The low viscosity of the product assures high fluidity. It’s a hydrophilic system with a controlled set time used
in the following applications :

  • Treatment of water infiltration and ground water ingress;
  • Treatment of soils;
  • Treatment of voids and cavities, in the form of sand grouts;
  • Injection of water bearing cracks in concrete or masonry walls;
  • For grout injection hoses use the INJECT ACRYL ELASTIC R system;

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