CODE: 2001

High performance waterproofing bentonite geocompound.


BENTOTAP is a multilayer waterproofing membrane consisting of:

A propylene geotextile with high mechanical characteristics of resistance to traction, tearing and punching.
A non-woven in propylene and PET with flexibility and adhesion to concrete, able to stably encapsulate granular bentonite inside it.
Terrae: a high content of pure natural sodium bentonite, in granules.
A transversal micro-punching treatment (needling) firmly holds the first three layers of the membrane together, while ensuring high adhesion to the concrete and that no horizontal movements of the bentonite occur.


BENTOTAP membranes are used in civil engineering for waterproofing underground structures of works such as bridges, roads, foundations, underground floors, car parks and in all cases where maximum protection against water infiltration is required.
BENTOTAP membranes are suitable for demanding conditions of use such as in the case of high and constant hydraulic pressure or when particular resistance to mechanical and structural stress is required.