CODE: 6001

Cement-based product with special binders suitable for filling and repairing road holes.


WAY REPAIR is a ready-to-use black mortar, based on special binders, selected aggregates and special additives.
When mixed with water, it sets within 5-10 minutes regardless of the season and is immediately trafficable even with heavy vehicles.
It is water and frost resistant.
It is therefore suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and is highly waterproof.


  • Repositioning of manholes in urban and suburban roads where immediate trafficability is required, avoiding any type of signage
  • Repairing holes in road surfaces where speed, practicality of intervention and immediate passableness are required
  • Repairing holes in pedestrian and/or cycle traffic areas
  • Repair of potholes in traffic areas with narrow section vehicles such as forklifts, tracked machines
  • Airport runway surface repair
  • Installation of road signs, signs, parking meter columns…
  • Immediate restoration for both internal and external industrial reinforced concrete floors



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