CODE: 2003

BENTOTAP GAS Is a multilayer waterproofing membrane.


BENTOTAP GAS is a multilayer waterproofing membrane with the same structure as BENTOTAP and the addition of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet is heat-sealed on the nonwoven: this layer makes the membrane even less permeable to water, efficient even in case of saline infiltration, and it is impervious to gases.


BENTOTAP GAS membranes are used in civil engineering for the waterproofing underground structures of works such as: bridges, roads, foundations, basements, car parks and in all cases where maximum protection against water infiltration is required.

A resistant polymer sheet (HDPE) is also coupled to BENTOTAP GAS through a heat-sealing process.

This makes it not just an excellent and robust waterproofing membrane, but also a practical and convenient obtaining a gas-impermeable barrier,wich is increasingly required today, for example in the case of soils with Radon gas emissions.